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$20 sqft walls
$15 sqft floors
$30 sqft backsplash
$30 sqft fireplace
Custom showers bid per job scope


What's included in the sqft price?

It is important to understand that the sqft price is not just for labor. Thinset, grout, caulk, wallboard, pan material, and waterproofing are fixed into overall price.  To insure a quality installation and a long lasting tile job, we use specific products that exceed ANSI, CTEF, TCNA, and UPC  requirements. Along with that, there is more to it than just installing tile. Please take the time to read the descriptions and avoid hiring the wrong guy that do not follow these installation methods.


Walls-  We begin by checking the framing to determine what prep we need to do before starting to hang wallboard. During this step, we also frame out for any niches and/or grab bars and approve the plumbing is done. After this is finished we adhere 3'x5' XPS foam waterproof board with  fasteners/washers, and can use any combination of MS  hybrid joint sealant, 6" overlap band, modified polymer thinset, and liquid membrane. This is to ensure a 100% waterproof shower and a structural plum surface to hang accessories and shower doors. 


Shower Pan- Options to install a traditional dry pack mud bed, curbless entry, and/or a prefabricated foam pan are both available and depends on the project alongside the drain location and the type of drain you want. Considering  the wide range of waterproofing methods on the market we specialize in using sheet membrane, liquid membrane, and hybrid sealants in combination to guarantee a 100% waterproofed pan. You can expect to pay around $800 to $2,000 with material and labor depending on how large the area is.  


Sub Floors - The integrity of the subfloor is crucial to the life of any floor. Before any installation starts we will inspect the existing area for any repairs and use for a self leveling mix prior to installing tile. Additional cost will be required if the existing floor is not ready for tile. Once prepped to tolerance, we use an uncoupling mat/underlayment, along with  modified polymer thinset and grout which is included in the original sqft price.

Concrete floors- Inspecting the condition of concrete is another major factor to look at before installing tile. It is not as simple as spreading thinset and dropping tiles down.  Cracks in concrete  and unlevel spots are highly common and determine the cost to prep the surface area for tile. We use a crack isolation membrane, floor grinder, and self leveler to properly prep the floor. Followed by a primer that is recommended by the thinset manufacturer to give a proper bond. Sometimes if the concrete floor is very bad we use an uncoupling mat like we use on subfloors to separate the tile from the base layer. If the cracks are not addressed, your tile inevitably will fail and crack when the house breathes between warm and cold seasons. Additional prep is added on to the overall price.

Backsplash- Backsplashes appear to be fairly straight forward but are easy to poorly install if not skilled. Sqft price is much higher due to it being a major focal point in the kitchen and require many cuts and outlets to work around. Prepping the wall for a backsplash is crucial and having level countertops to work on is mandatory. These factors will be considered prior to installing. 


Fireplace- Another high sqft price is the fireplace. Again, this is a major focal point and can be tricky depending on what the selections are and how large of a fireplace you have. Very precise cuts, a proper layout, and high level of skill are mandatory for a top notch fireplace.  Some require scaffolding, and cheater boards to stack on, and on top of that we work over finished products in the living room which take up more time and labor. Properly protecting the work area along with avoiding accidents is a factor in price.


$9 sqft walls

$8 sqft floors

$20 sqft backsplash

$25 sqft fireplace

Custom Showers bid per job scope

-Due to the wide range of variables to bid New build/Commercial the pricing listed is for labor. Depending on who provides material the price can be negotiated considering the accounts are for bulk production. 

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